J-Factory CrossFit

CrossFit involves constantly varied high-intensity functional movements that mirror everyday activities. The workouts are safe, effective, always changing, and can be adjusted to challenge all participants. Attain your personal goals with CrossFit through improving your health, weight loss, and better performance.

J•Factory CrossFit is for all fitness levels and experiences, no need to be intimidated! Our goal is to create a program that will help everyone improve their physical well-being in a supportive environment. Beginners are always welcome in our CrossFit classes.

Our CrossFit members are invited to join our new G.R.I.T. class. This Goals, Resistance & Intentional Training program will be offered on Tuesdays from 9:15 to 10:15am in the J-Factory with instructor, Melissa Schaffer. Reserve you spot


Tue, 05-Jul-22

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