Afterschool Classes

We offer extracurricular activities for children between the ages 4 - 12. Programs are offered during afterschool hours and are open to everyone. Please sign up today!

Young Rembrandts Preschool

This spring, Young Rembrandts introduces a variety of artistic lessons that will both challenge and excite our registrants. A wonderfully illustrated flower pot will capture the spirit of the spring season, while a cuddly teddy bear drawing will introduce basic figure drawing. If your child has a curiosity for nature, they will love our bird bath and snail graphics that will strengthen their art and compositional skills. All this and more await your budding young artist!

Young Rembrandts Elementary

The spring season gives our artists new inspiration and lessons such as the bee graphic and historical Model T. Every child will draw their lesson in detail and learn new techniques such as how to add a little whimsy to our version of Aladdin’s lamp and some adorable baby dragons. Creativity, imagination, and whole brain learning are all happening every week. Sign up today!