Counsellor in Training Program - Week 6

CIT Program

M/$ 150 P/$ 175

7522 - Ages 13-15

Are you a teen between the ages of 13-15? Are you looking for a hands-on learning experience that focus on developing practical work skills? We have the program for you!

The CIT program prepares teens to become future leaders by developing self-esteem, peer relations, interpersonal skills, and leadership techniques.

How will this program make a difference in your life?

- Gain leadership experience
- Camp safety
- Work on team building
- Planning an activity for camp
- Certified First Aid training
- Building positive relationships
- Friendships
- Working with parents
- Camp experience
- Certificate for completion

By learning these practical skills you make a difference in the life of a camper by becoming a role model, a mentor, a hero.

Register for the CIT program and choose 1-3 weeks throughout the summer to volunteer within a camp group and complete your training hours.

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