Introductory Pickleball Clinics

Introduction to Pickleball
Satisfy your curiosity about the next biggest upcoming sport around. Learn the basics of this fun, fast paced game.

Introduction to Pickleball - Level 1
If you are looking to advance your game from just the basics, then take your newest Pickleball skills and learn further game strategies and techniques. Prerequisite: Introduction to Pickleball.

Pickleball - Level 2 Novice
Ready for faster game play? Learn foot placements, game strategy all the while playing your newest favorite sport with a little more of a competitive edge. Prerequisites: Introduction & Level 1.

Advanced Game Strategies
Learn to improve your game through court positioning and strategy. Course will cover third shot selection including proper footwork and technique. Prerequisites: Levels 1 & 2.

Play with the Pros
Think you have what it takes to play with the Pros? Here is your chance to play among the best & receive real time coaching on the court.

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