Youth and Teens

Is your teen looking to try out a new sport or activity? The JCC Youth and Teens recreation is the place to try it! From basketball, to Yoga and Rock Climbing we have a variety to choose from.

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Youth Evolution Taekwon-Do Ages 10+

Martial arts for all ages! Great for beginners or those with experience Age specific classes with instruction from our team of dedicated practitioners More than just kicking and punching twice a week Learn discipline, self- defense, get in shape and have fun!

Youth Yoga (Ages 5-10)

Youth will learn the basic poses and mindful movements while participating in breathing activities, share circles, laughter, and partner yoga as well as other cooperative learning games. Participants will develop character, creativity, positive social interaction, emotional balance, and bodily awarness.

Youth Rock Climbing (Ages 5-10)

Feed into your kid's sense of adventure! In this program kids are introduced to the amazing sport of climbing. Building their confidence while learning climbing terminology and skills (knot tying, top roping, signaling, and belaying).

Youth Tennis Advanced Ages 7+

Do you have a tennis pro in the making? This advanced class will teach the participants proper ball hitting technique, advanced body positioning, and strategies for the game. The aim of this class is for participants to be able to rally by the end of the session, so why wait? Register today!

Youth Tennis Beginners Ages 7+

Do your children have an interest in tennis? Get them started today with this beginners class that emphasizes enjoying the game as well as covering the basics. Each session will have technical development with exercise and games.

Kids Drone Zone Ages 7-11

Let your creator’s imagination take flight! We are making physics fun through unmanned flight. This class inspires curiosity in science, technology, engineering, and math by exposing students to a fast growing industry at the forefront of innovation today… not to mention, they get to fly! A hands-on class that introduces the physics of flight, electronics, power systems, programming, photography, mapping, racing, and emerging technologies in AI, VR and 3D Printing. Develop your flight and science skills in a safe, boundary pushing, always interesting, and intensely fun course. Narrative-based, blended learning classes with missions and projects, students have to work together as flight teams to complete obstacle courses, flight challenges, and racing. Instructor: Nicholas Dotchin, physicist and certified UAV pilot.

DancePl3y Youth Ages 7+

DancePl3y is a high-energy, PLAY-based dance program where a fusion of dance, fitness, and rhythm-based moves come together in simple combos so that kids can dance along to their favourite chart-topping songs! Our choreography is purposefully designed to develop physical literacy and fundamental movement skills. The aim of each class is to foster an overall positive attitude towards dance, physical activity, and active living.

JCC Basketball Ages 7-11

Do you have basketball fever? Come out and learn the basics and how to play. From dribbling and shooting, to passing and small games – JCC Basketball will help you develop and hone your skills.