Youth and Teens

Is your teen looking to try out a new sport or activity? The JCC Youth and Teens recreation is the place to try it! From basketball, to Yoga and Rock Climbing we have a variety to choose from.

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Youth Rock Climbing Ages 6-10

Feed into your kid’s sense of adventure! This course introduces kids to the amazing sport of climbing. Building their confidence while learning climbing terminology and skills (knot tying, top roping, signaling, and belaying). Advanced students will learn repelling and lead climbing.

Youth Art Classes Ages 7-11

Join Hanna’s Studio for creative and playful opportunities to discover what different art materials can do and how to use them for creative self-expression. Your child’s ideas will grow through imaginative art experiences, investigating colour and value, line, texture, shape and form, space, and mark making.

Hip Hop Dance Ages 7-11

Kids will explore fundamental concepts and techniques of Hip Hop dance that includes: groove, rock, bounce, rhythm, coordination, and build vocabulary that is unique to this fun and athletic dance form!

Yoga & Dance Ages 7-11

This fun class is a fusion of dance / fitness and yoga designed especially for kids! We perform rhythm-based moves in simple combos so that kids can dance along to their favourite chart-topping songs! Our choreography is purposefully designed to develop physical literacy and fundamental movement skills. The second half of the class is yoga focused – kids learn yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation exercises.

LaunchPad Pre Basics & Coding

Launchpad | Pre Basics - For students in grades 3+ with no computer programming experience. This course is designed to make kids comfortable with computers and teach the fundamentals of coding through interactive methodology by a teacher supporting them at each step.

Launchpad | Coding - Designed for students in grades 4+. This course introduces kids to fundamentals of programming in Python and slowly progresses them to create their own games and advance codes