Our fitness facility has everything you need to get fit (or keep fit if you are ahead of the game). We have a selection of great equipment, and even something our trainers call “the cage” (we promise it’s not as scary as it sounds). At the JCC we believe in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Working out shouldn’t be an intimidating occasion. If you don’t know how to use a piece of equipment, feel free to ask the weight room monitor for some help. And if you are really unsure, book a session or two with a personal trainer to get used to the equipment. Working out should be an enjoyable experience. Come on, we know you can do it!

Please review our COVID-19 pool protocols prior to your visit.

Group Exercise Schedule

Until further notice, our GroupX classes will be offered virtually for JCC members only.

The Zoom link for the classes will be emailed to our members.

Weight Room & CrossFit Box Bookings

Effective December 13, our Weight Room and CrossFit Box will be closed until further notice.
We will continue to offer a number of virtual programs including our GroupX classes.

Adult Fitness

Small group fitness classes for all your exercise needs and fitness levels. Each class is instructed by a JCC certified Personal Trainer who will help with modifications and form corrections in a group setting.

Personal Training Packages

If you are looking to enhance your quality of life, have more energy, increase your fitness levels, or need some motivation, let our qualified Personal Fitness Trainers guide you to success. Our experienced training team are dedicated to providing training sessions that are safe, challenging and tailored to meet your specific needs. We promote fitness as a lifestyle that enhances everyday living and longevity.

Youth & Teens Fitness

Looking to gain experience in a weight room? New to strength training? JCC's Youth and Teens Fitness classes give teens the opportunity to learn resistance training in a safe and welcoming environment.

J-Factory CrossFit

All our CrossFit classes will be offered virtually from November 13 until January 11.
The Zoom link for the classes will be emailed to our CrossFit members.