Golden Age

Make the young ones jealous by enjoying company in our Golden Age Lounge with comfortable seating, quiet atmosphere, cable TV, and plenty of card games or Mah Jong going daily. Not one for playing games? Well, we also have guest speakers, different clinics such as flu shots or hearing screenings. There are also a number of programs specific for seniors, in the pool, in the gym, and special field trips around Calgary and the mountains!

For more information, please email Nessie Hollander or 403-537-8593.

iPad/iPhone Courses

Apple iPad 1 Essentials | An introduction for seniors highlighting the use and benefits of the amazing Apple iPad.

Apple iPad Intermediate | This intermediate class will teach how to benefit from the use of the amazing Apple iPad.

Memorable Brain

Are you worried that your memory is not as it was? Do you want to know how to easily remember a friend’s name, important dates and events, your grandchild’s birthday, and more? This eight-week course will help you achieve that.