Whether you’re a little kid, medium-sized kid, or big kid (a kid at heart), the JCC offers sports and rec programs that fit your schedule. No experience necessary, our programs are open to people of all skill levels from amateur to those that think they’re pros.


Get active at any age! Are you interested in some physical activity that doen't involve a weight room? Our adult recreation classes are what you are looking for!


The JCC childrens recreation programs are the starting point for your kids to learn how to play basketball, tennis or learn the art of rock climbing, plus many more!

They will learn new sports and activities in a safe and inclusion enivronment. Sign them up today!

Youth and Teens

Is your teen looking to try out a new sport or activity? The JCC Youth and Teens recreation is the place to try it! From basketball, to Yoga and Rock Climbing we have a variety to choose from.

Sign up today!