Get active at any age! Are you interested in some physical activity that doen't involve a weight room? Our adult recreation classes are what you are looking for!

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The game that has taken Israel and Vancouver by storm has come to Calgary! Designed for all mamas, or any woman over the age of 30 and way up!

The game itself is played like volleyball, but with catching and throwing. Perfect for all skill levels. This program is great for anyone who wants to be part of a team, play with friends or meet new ones. The games are easy to play and score and there’s laughter aplenty.

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Feldenkrais Awarness Through Movement

Join us as we learn simple yet effective movement sequences that free up our minds, ease our bodies, and give us new ideas on how to feel more potent and alive Each class is different, yet relaxing, and provides ideas that you can use in the days following the class to reduce your stress and discomfort We meet on the floor, so be sure to wear comfortable clothing; bring a towel for support

Pre-Natal Breastfeeding Class

Recommended for all pregnant women between 30-38 weeks, this class will be facilitated by Leanne Rzpa, RN BN, and internationally board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding fo rmother and baby, plus a wide range of topics including: The Golden Hour -breastfeeding in the first hour after delivery; what to expect in the first four days; the basics of position and latch; feeding cues; how to know if baby is getting enough to eat; hand expression/pumping; and more.