The JCC childrens recreation programs are the starting point for your kids to learn how to play basketball, tennis or learn the art of rock climbing, plus many more!

They will learn new sports and activities in a safe and inclusion enivronment. Sign them up today!

All Ball Multi-Sport Ages 3-5

A multi-sport class for preschoolers. Instruction focuses on the basic skills common to all sports such as balance, coordination, stamina, and timing. All done in a fun, supportive, and non-competitive setting that emphasizes teamwork.

Preschool Yoga Ages 3-5

This playful yoga class is designed especially for preschoolers through to grade one. Children are introduced to yoga through the use of movement, music, and books in a fun and engaging way. This class helps them to develop a positive and healthy attitude towards their bodies, teaching them how to manage their emotions.

Kids Art Classes Ages 4-6

Join Hanna’s Studio for creative and playful opportunities to discover what different art materials can do and how to use them for creative self-expression. Your child’s ideas will grow through imaginative art experiences, investigating colour and value, line, texture, shape and form, space, and mark making.

Kids Hip Hop Ages 4-6

Kids Hip Hop Ages 4-6 Kids will explore fundamental concepts and techniques of Hip Hop dance that includes: groove, rock, bounce, rhythm, coordination, and build vocabulary that is unique to this fun and athletic dance form!

Kids Yoga & Dance Ages 4-6

This fun class is a fusion of dance / fitness and yoga designed especially for kids! We perform rhythm-based moves in simple combos so that kids can dance along to their favourite chart-topping songs! Our choreography is purposefully designed to develop physical literacy and fundamental movement skills. The second half of the class is yoga focused – kids learn yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation exercises.