The JCC childrens recreation programs are the starting point for your kids to learn how to play basketball, tennis or learn the art of rock climbing, plus many more!

They will learn new sports and activities in a safe and inclusion enivronment. Sign them up today!

Kids Yoga

This playful yoga class is designed especially for kids! In a fun and cooperative atmosphere, they will learn yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation exercises. The benefits are increased strength and flexibility, improved gross and fine motor skills, and better focus and concentration.

Sportball Multi-Sport Ages 3-5

Multi-Sport classes are the heart of Sportball programming. Coaches focus on the basic skills common to all sports such as balance, coordination, stamina, and timing. All done in a fun, supportive, and non-competitive setting that emphasizes teamwork.

Each class focuses on one of eight different popular sports: hockey, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf, and tennis.

Junior Evolution Taekwon-Do Ages 6-10

Martial arts for all ages! Great for beginners or those with experience . Age specific classes with instruction from our team of dedicated practitioners . More than just kicking and punching twice a week . Learn discipline, selfdefense, get in shape and have fun

DancePl3y Kids Ages 4-6

DancePl3y is a high-energy, PLAY-based dance program where a fusion of dance, fitness, and rhythm-based moves come together in simple combos so that kids can dance along to their favourite chart-topping songs! Our choreography is purposefully designed to develop physical literacy and fundamental movement skills. The aim of each class is to foster an overall positive attitude towards dance, physical activity, and active living.

Sportball Soccer Ages 2-5

Watching your child play soccer on a warm spring evening is one of life’s true joys. Make it happen by registering for this class – packed with high-energy fun, imaginative coaching techniques, and a continuous flow of new drills and non-competitive games to keep things rolling along. A parent or caregiver must remain onsite for the duration of the class.

Hip Hop Dance by Pulse Studios (Ages 5-10)

Hip Hop classes at the JCC will help students explore the fundamental concepts and techniques of Hip Hop dance including: Groove, Rock, Bounce, Rhythm, Coordination, and building vocabulary that is unique to this fun and athletic dance form!