Engineering for Kids - Week 1

Junior Inventors

M/$ 185 P/$ 205

7517 - Ages 4-6

A week of fun, creativity, and of course - Engineering! Over the course of a week, students will invent new machines and explore creative design solutions using the Engineering Design Process.

Design your own drawing robot, make your own electric playdough, build your own operation game, and use your tinker box to invent something new.

We encourage learning that fosters students’ creativity, courage, and curiosity through open-ended challenges in the fields of STEM, fine arts, and learning.

The sky’s the limit when you bring your imagination to the table!

Sphero Robotics and Coding

M/$ 185 P/$ 205

7518 - Ages 8+

Do you love robots and have a passion for coding and adventure? This is YOUR camp!

The young engineers will program and code their robots to complete awesome activities.

Using the fundamentals of coding kids will be introduced to variables, conditions, functions, and more as they create a time bomb, navigate a maze and code the Sphero to escape a room as quickly as possible. They will then use the Engineering Design Process to build the ultimate go-kart to win the race.

The only limit is your imagination, we thrive to inspire curiosity, creativity, and innovation!

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