Registered Fitness

Small group fitness classes for all your exercise needs and fitness levels. Each class is instructed by a JCC certified Personal Trainer who will help with modifications and form corrections in a group setting.

Female Only Fitness

This women's only class is a killer-edgy and fun bootcamp behind closed doors. You will press, push, lift and squat -- all in the company of like-minded women who love working out. We offer this program to the wonderful women who prefer to break a sweat with their own gender.

Fitness ReSet

Returning to fitness? Dealing with a nagging injury or soreness? Taking a complete rest from exercise is sometimes not the answer! Instead, allow our experienced instructors to strategically give your body the workouts it needs to realign, recalibrate and return to strength.

Fitness for Every Body

Embrace your body for what it is and discover that you really can be fit, strong and learn to love the gym. This women’s only class where everyone is the same shape and size is the perfect place to start (or re-start) when you are not sure how to begin. Fitness really IS for every body!

Get Fit with Fido

Get fit with the best friend and work out partner you could ask for – your canine companion! Expect cardio, strength training, and core work, all with your best bud by your side. Taught by a personal trainer, fitness instructor, dog trainer, and lover of dogs!

Golf Conditioning

The key to a better game on the links may be in the gym! The program promotes muscle strength, balance, flexibility, speed, and explosiveness throughout your body, while targeting the muscles required for a powerful, fluid swing.

Hiking Conditioning and Preparation

Feel confident hitting the trails! This class meets twice a week: once in our wellequipped lower fitness centre (or outdoors with portable equipment during the May/ June session) where you’ll perform exercises to build upper and lower body strength, core and balance, and once outside on the trails around the JCC to help you build endurance.

Line Dancing Demo Class

Try line dancing before our spring session begins in April! Feel the joy and give both your brain and body a workout as you learn line dances to a wide variety of music. All are welcome; no partner is necessary. Afterwards, relax and enjoy a complimentary coffee and banana bread from Karen’s Café.

Line Dancing

Feel the joy and give both your brain and body a workout as you learn line dances to a wide variety of music. All are welcome; no partner is necessary.

Pilates for the Pelvic Floor

A healthy pelvic floor properly stabilizes the back and pelvic girdle and provides pelvic organ support. Poor function and motor control of the pelvic floor can be a significant contributing factor in ongoing musculoskeletal, gynecological, urological and colorectal dysfunction as well as low back and pelvic pain. Join us as we work to improve the pelvic floor muscles in their entirety and with the surrounding connecting lumbo-pelvic musculature. We meet on the floor; all genders and fitness levels welcome.