Registered Fitness

Small group fitness classes for all your exercise needs and fitness levels. Each class is instructed by a JCC certified Personal Trainer who will help with modifications and form corrections in a group setting.

28-Day On-Line Total Body Clean Up Challenge

Look better and feel better in just 28 days! Upon registration, you’ll receive course materials in regularly scheduled emails. Each week we provide a different nutrition challenge to help you cut calories, detox, and add nutrient-dense foods to your daily diet. A downloadable/printable manual filled with nutrition information, tips, and tricks is also included. Ditch those unhealthy nutrition habits to kickstart a healthier you!

55+ TRX Suspension Training

Squat like a pro! Learn how the TRX can help you unload your knees, mobilize and get the stability you need as you train your entire body.

After-Work Express

Life is hectic, we get it! When spending more than 40 minutes at the gym feels impossible, try one of our new After-Work Express classes! Effective, efficient, targeted workouts led by one of our professional personal trainers might be just the best way to squeeze in your daily dose of fitness. Come after work but just before you pick up the kids from daycare or after-school care - you'll be glad you did it!

Fitness for Every Body

Embrace your body for what it is and discover that you really can be fit, strong and learn to love the gym. This women’s only class where everyone is the same shape and size is the perfect place to start (or re-start) when you are not sure how to begin. Fitness really IS for every body!


Make the most of your gym membership and learn how to use our selectorized strenght machines! They're designed for efficiency and ease of use and are perfect for newcomers to the gym.

Functional Full Body Fitness

Bend, twist, lift, load push, pull, squat and haul. THIS is the class you need to equip and prepare you for whatever life throws at you or for your next big adventure!

Golf Conditioning

The key to a better game on the links may be in the gym! The program promotes muscle strength, balance, flexibility, speed, and explosiveness, throughout your body, while targerring the muscles required for a powerful, fluid swing.

Mat-Based Hypopressives for Core & Floor

Breathe new life into your pelvic floor! Explore diaphragmatic / back breathing and hypopressive exercises. This practice combines breath with exercises to support, strengthen and lengthen those areas of your body involved in breathing to "tone" the pelvic floor. Mat-based floor exercises. Not suitable for pregnant women or clientele with spinal osteoporosis, unmanaged high blood pressure or Crohn's disease.

Qi Gong for Wellness Workshops

Restore energy and enjoy improved focus and peace of mind with breath and traditional, graceful, repeated movements. The grounding movements, which are easy to learn and open to all ages and fitness levels, promote improved posture, balance, coordination, and relaxation. Long, slow, deep breath patterns combined with visualization techniques focus attention.

TRX Total Body Circuit

Join Cherlene Friday mornings for a creative, intense, total body circuit. Use the TRX suspension trainer along with the rowing machines to get your heart pumping and strengthen and sculpt the entire body. Options for all fitness levels.

Pickleball Conditioning

Get your body ready for this fun, fast-fast-growing sport and keep yourself on the pickleball court! Allow our trainers to reduce your chances of injury with well-chosen exercises designed to increase joint and trunk stability, strength and mobility. We also include a dash of agility, cardio, and balance training to improve your game.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Let go of your physical and mental tension with progressive muscle relaxation techniques. Sergiy expertly guides you through a deep body scan, inviting you to sequentially tense and relax your musculature from head to toe. Bring awareness to every single part of part of your body and leave feeling released, refreshed, connected.

Seated Pelvic Floor Zoom Workshop

Connect with and synergize your diaphragm and pelvic floor! This practice combines breathing techniques with exercise to familiarize, strengthen and lengthen the areas of the body required to support healthy pelvic floor function. A well functioning pelvic floor and diaphragm provide the base for improved movement, may decrease symptoms of stress incontinence, and increase confidence in acts of daily living. Seated/standing exercises only; class is delivered over Zoom. Chair with no arms, bender ball (or small pillow) and stretchy band (or scarf) required.

Sit, Stay, Trek!

Leash up your canine compadre and come explore the trails and byways close to the JCC with your best bud by your side! Expect some strength training and core work as you trek, and a dash of advice for training fido too! Taught by a personal trainer, fitness instructor, dog trainer, and lover of dogs! For everyone's enjoyment, proof a (canine) vaccinations needed to confirm class.

Yoga for Men

Not very flexible but want to move freely with ease and without pain? This program is for you! More than just stretching, in this workshop you'll work on pure strength, energy activation, mobility, flexibility, and overall power.